Sep. 28th, 2015

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Dear Secret Mutant,

thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me, and for taking the trouble to read my letter! I'll elaborate a bit on my prompts, just in case it inspires you; if it doesn't, just take one of the general ideas and let it go your way. The most important thing is that you have fun with this! :)

The letter will be pretty similar to last year's because my tastes haven't changed much.

Here are my prompts:

Charles/Erik, dealing with the aftermath of DoFP. I love the two of them and I love their relationship, but they didn't part on friendly terms in DoFP. I'd really like to read a sequel. What do you think happened afterwards? How do they feel about each other? Do they contact each other at all, and if so, how does it work out?

Charles & Raven, sibling love. Again, I love them and their relationship, complicated and painful as it is. DoFP sort of... sets the stage for them to come to terms with each other, and I'd love to see that happen. Fanworks about them often make one of them the guilty party, and I don’t think that cuts it entirely. I’d like them to explore their (platonic) relationship, to deal with their issues, maybe learn to forgive.
As I wrote in the prompt, it would be heartwarming to see that Raven loves Charles too, because while I think she does, she doesn't show it often.

Raven/Hank: Where to go from here? I know Raven/Hank is not the most popular ship, but that's one more reason why we need more fanworks... So - yeah, what I said. DoFP, especially the Rogue Cut, made clear that there's still unfinished business. I'd like them to come to terms with each other, and I'd like him to grow a spine, dammit.

Ghost story. I love ghost stories. I could read ghost stories all day. Pick any ghost story trope you like, make it as scary as you wish, freeze our blood and make us sleep with the lights turned on. Have fun!

These are just a few ideas; pick what inspires you, disregard the rest. Include other characters to your heart’s desire, only note that I haven’t read the comics, so I won’t get any inside hints beside the most commonly known (like Peter’s parenthood or Charles’ and Erik’s backstories). AUs are wonderful, especially when they get to keep their powers. I like plotty stories, friendship, complicated relationships, hurt/comfort, Moira and Logan, Charles' disability being acknowledged, humour, and heartwarming endings. Any rating.

Also, feel free to combine my prompts! Charles/Erik and Hank/Raven are welcome in any scenario, as are friendship scenes between any characters. (Erik & Hank, there’s a challenge! ;) )

Things that do not make me happy: woobiefied!weak!Charles; unexplained OOC behavior; non-con, Omegaverse, mpreg, heavy kinks (light BDSM during sex scenes is fine), watersports and the like; character bashing; infidelity; major character death; unhappy endings. I’d be grateful if you’d avoid kidfic unless you’re very sure of what you’re doing. (I have kids myself and... I've read too much kidfic that made me hit the back button because it had zero connection to the realities of parenting).

And now I hope you have fun!


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