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Fandom: The Hobbit (no hobbits in this one, though)

Pairings: Thorin/Dwalin; Dís/Canonical husband; Dwalin & Dís’ canonical husband (friendship)

Rating and warnings: PG-13. Minor character death.

Summary: One day during their long years of exile in the Ered Luin, Thorin and Dwalin are surprised by a thunderstorm while travelling on a perilous mountain path. They receive unexpected aid – but not all things are as they seem, and Dwalin is forced to face more than one terrifying truth.

on AO3

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Cross-posting this from my shiny new tumblr, because I really find it interesting:

Who would have thought that the first thing I do when starting to use tumblr is to get immersed in slash fandom research? There’s quite a bit out there, though I’ve yet to find truly recent work. But now I’ve just discovered this gem:

… which is a study about slash - who reads and writes slash, how and why do they do it? - conducted by a trained scientist under a nickname. It’s ten years old, which of course is as good as a millennium when it comes to science in general and the demograpics are surely outdated, but the principles of human motivation don’t change in a decade.

I’ve only scrolled through it so far, but there really is a lot of fascinating stuff in there. There were 275 participants - most of them, indeed, straight or bi women, and most of them very young, though that surely depends on the fandom in question - and the reasons for being interested in slash range from sexual fantasies or love of a specific relationship to the facts that, for instance, there are fewer Mary Sues, there’s no need to be jealous of a woman you can’t identify with, or there’s a certain kind of sexual and gender freedom in it (which I’m not so sure about, tbh).

Interestingly, the fans were divided on the question whether or not they liked feminized (not genderbent!) men, which I think is still reflected by the works we can find out there. Personally, I really, truly dislike it when characters suddenly turn all delicate and feminized for no good reason (few things make me push the back button faster than delicate-damsel-in-distress!Watson, and most of my problems with Bilbo/Thorin go along the same lines - it can be brilliant, but very often it is not), but there must be people who like that stuff or it wouldn’t be there.

Interesting work, in any case, and fun to reflect about.
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I'm beginning to think that my stubborn rejection of tumblr is hurting no one but myself. I don't like the fact, but there are things that simply aren't happening on LJ and there's just no way to participate if I don't take the plunge. So there.

(Nothing there yet. And yes, I've kept the slightly ridiculous username. Long story, but now it would be too much trouble to change it, and if I drop the digits I fear I may be visited by cat lovers who would find more than they wish to find).

The thing is that I enjoy discussion. Very much. And I don't particularly fancy reblogging everything that's being discussed on my own pages. Also, I am never ever going to be able to keep up with tumblr's insane speed, and I very much doubt that anyone will find my own blog interesting enough to follow because, well, I still think LJ leaves a more lasting impression. But.

There's a wonderful Sherlock Holmes fandom on LJ. *waves around* Maybe that's because we're traditionalists or because our fandom is heavily relying on written text. Some of you may have noticed that I've slightly expanded my fannish interests, and I've met some very nice people - several of them - in the Hobbit fandom who just aren't on LJ. Which led me to discover that there is no Hobbit fandom whatsoever on LJ. And I'm tired of just stalking other peoples' AO3 works and discussing in comments. That's a bit of a one-way relationship.

That also means that I'll probably divide my fannish activities - not completely, but roughly - between those two blogs. Holmes and personal stuff on LJ, other topics which doesn't have a LJ fandom on tumblr. Let's see how long this works.
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So finally I'm doing my homework and posting my recent [ profile] acd_holmesfest fic. It was written for [ profile] mistyzeo, who basically requested "something sweet and sexy with a happy ending" and I did my best to oblige.

Title: The Merits of Poetic Licence.
Characters/Pairings: Holmes/Watson.
Rating and warnings: PG-13, no warnings.
Disclaimer: Not mine, as usual.
Betaed by: [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach (as usual). Thank you so much!
Summary: The quality of writing is disagreed upon, and Watson proves himself to be an unreliable narrator. Eventually, though, Holmes comes to realize that the liberal use of poetic licence may occasionally lead to quite favourable results.

"Over here..."


Jan. 6th, 2013 06:40 pm
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Here's my current [ profile] holmestice fic, written as a gift for [ profile] methylviolet10b. Based on this prompt from her journal.

Characters/Pairings: Holmes/Watson friendship, ACD canon. Slash goggles are not essential but their use is encouraged.
Rating and warnings: PG, and supernatural themes.
Disclaimer: Not mine, as usual.
Betaed by: [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach (as usual). Love & hugs to you, my dear!
Summary: On a nightly winter journey in the year 1881, John Watson discovers his gift of storytelling. Unfortunately he doesn’t know yet that some tales ought to be told with caution…

"Over here..."
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I can happily announce that I am now in possession of a AO3 account - courtesy of [ profile] hardboiledbaby, who deserves roses and chocolate. The same goes for [ profile] tweedisgood for having a few very creative ideas about it. :)

I've posted one of my older fics so far (it's season-related and I'm rather fond of it, so I thought I'd give it some attention), and the others will follow in due time. Will not abandon LJ, though.

Here we go!


Dec. 13th, 2012 01:01 pm
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Dear all, I’ve finally (yeah, I know, took me some time) come to appreciate AO3, and am beginning to see why it would be a good idea to archive my fic there. Unfortunately I’m informed that there are currently 16647 persons on the waiting list, and I’m not sure I’ll still consider it worth the effort when I’m a very old Grandma in a wheelchair. Does anyone happen to have a spare invite, or know somebody who might be willing to offer me one?

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It's not like I'm remotely as productive as most of my fellow fans and writers, but since this journal is beginning to look a bit untidy (as, I am afraid to say, most of the things I'm in charge of do sooner or later), it's probably a good idea to collect all my fiction in one post and stick it to the top of the page. So, here goes!

Mainecoon's Fanfiction

... this way )

General Information

Not much to say here, except that

a) this journal contains adult stuff and most of the fic has slashy content. If that sort of thing disturbs you, you'd better have fun elsewhere although in that case you probably wouldn't have found me in the first place.

b) friending is fine, though I don't automatically friend back because I do have some personal stuff under the f-lock. I'll probably snoop around your journal, though, and I like to get acquainted if someone's interested.

c) in the unlikely case of podficcers feeling inspired by anything I've written (that hasn't been podficced so far), you have a blanket permission. I love podfic. Just tell me of it so I can squee appropriately.

Otherwise, nice to meet you, and I hope you like my humble virtual home.
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Here’s my own contribution to the [ profile] acd_holmesfest gift exchange, written for [ profile] love_bug_54:

Title: The End of a Journey
Rating and warnings: PG for violence. Minor character death.
Characters/Pairings: Holmes/Watson, established relationship; also two canon characters whose identity I will not reveal just yet.
Summary: An old enemy applies for Holmes’ help and possesses the means to ensure the unwilling detective’s cooperation. While Holmes follows the trail back to a murder that was never avenged, Watson finds himself doubting his own concepts of justice and retribution.
Word count: around 9700.
Thanks to [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach for being the most wonderful beta an author could wish for, and [ profile] thesmallhobbit for thorough and patient britpicking. Hugs to you both!

Over here…
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Not only was the [ profile] acd_holmesfest gift exchange a great success and the best opportunity to postpone desk work a treasure trove of new and brilliant canon work, but I also received a beautiful present from [ profile] hardboiledbaby, who is a wonderful person and a brilliant podficcer:

Podfic of The Relevance of Goodness

It literally left me speechless. I hardly recognized my own fic… in the best possible way.
If you have any interest in my fiction at all (which nobody is obliged to), I strongly recommend that you listen to it and give her lots of lovely feedback! :)
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... which may or may not be exaggerated, but they've left me worried. Is everybody alright?
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I’ve been taking a bit of a break from fandom lately, and hereby apologize for the lack of comments on fics and blog entries during the last few months. Life’s been a bit too busy to manage it all (though not in a bad way). But the next weeks should be a bit quieter. I hope.

Anyway, after somehow finishing a borderline insane work schedule we actually managed to take a holiday and visit Mr. M’s family and my own parents, which was lovely because we don’t get to see them often. I even avoided any major rows with my mother-in-law, of which I am rather proud. We tend to drive each other up the wall because we come from very different backgrounds… and some people have trouble accepting that others might have different views on life, particularly that I’m not going to put my fancy degree in a frame (“what do you need that for, dear”) and become a full-time mother, as my children deserve. But, as long as we’re not constantly around each other, I suppose we’re both becoming more tolerant.
- Sorry. Getting a bit carried away.

It was wonderful to see the Sea again. I grew up at the coast, and even though it’s lovely here in the South, I still miss the endless sky and the green meadows, the salty wind and the cry of the gulls and the constant rhythm of the tide and how people talk like I do, with some consonants softer than they ought to be and a strange twist to the vowels. I don't do that so much any more but people around here always know me for a Northerner in exile.

Returning to fannish topics, I read Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and found it amazing. Then I proceeded to watch the film (don’t look at me like that, ladies, it was not primarily because of Benedict Cumberbatch – although he was bloody gorgeous in this) and found it enjoyable, though not amazing. Apart from several minor issues I found the tragedy at the heart of the plot not nearly as heartbreaking as it was in the book.

Anyway, if someone could provide me with some fanfic recs for this, preferably stories that go beyond the “ooohh, some pretty boys, let’s slash them”, I’d be really grateful.

Hope everybody is having a good time, and I’ll try to be around more regularly!
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... can, apparently, also be called "Dr. Watson".

At least that's what I found in the local garden center on Saturday. After a bit of research on my part, which proved a little difficult because it's more commonly known under another name and the google search kept directing me to fanfic sites *g*, it turned out that it is this one:

Pretty, isn't it? I'll see how it likes the spot near the terrace that just so happened to be vacant.


Apr. 4th, 2012 12:50 pm
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Just to prove to myself that, yes, I am able to finish a fic without a deadline... here it is! :)

Characters: John Watson, Someone Else. BBC verse… basically. Gen.
Rating: PG.
Length: Around 1600 words.
Summary: John cannot fathom why, even given the circumstances, he should be facing something as pathetic as an existential crisis. But a very strange encounter sets things into a new perspective.
Warnings: None, except for spoilers for TRF.
Disclaimer: Not mine, as usual.
Betaed by and discussed with [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach once again – thank you so much!

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Yes, it really seems that without holmestice, I wouldn't do any fic writing at all. At least I'd be finishing none. So here it is, my once-every-six-months fic, this time written for [ profile] breathandflesh :

Title: The Relevance of Goodness
Characters/Pairings: Holmes/Trevor, Holmes/Watson; both can be read as friendship or pre-slash. ACD canon.
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word Count: around 1700
Betaed by [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach again - huge thanks!
Summary: One friend offers him safety, the other believes him dead. At the end of the day Victor Trevor begins to understand Sherlock Holmes’ decision. Hiatus fic.

"Over here..."
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Another [ profile] holmestice fic - this one was written as a gift for [ profile] lavvyan, who really deserves a novel for being a holmestice mod. :)

BTW, that community site is once again highly recommended. And if anyone likes cracky adventure fic featuring Victorian zombies, you'll probably enjoy the gift I received myself, which is "Impossible" by [ profile] schwarze_elster (rated R).

So, here we go:

Characters/Pairings: H/W, Moriarty, mention of W/Mary; everything else is in the eye of the beholder. Book Canon with a dash of Granada, some ideas borrowed from BBC.

Word count: Around 6700.

Disclaimer: Not mine, as usual.

Rating: PG. And slash.

Betaed by [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach, who once again spent a lot of time correcting my mistakes and discussing tricky dialogue (which was fun and led to significant improvement). Thanks!

Summary: “I feel that I am looking into a dusty mirror, and looking back at me is a twisted image of myself. It is the image of a man I could have become… Perhaps it is even the image of the man I am destined to be.” Watson wrote down the events leading up to Reichenbach, but sometimes even those who are closest to us are not privy to our deepest secrets. This is Holmes’ POV.

"Over here..."
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I promise I’ll be back to Holmes with my next post, but now I’ve started this, I’m at least going to say a few words about the film I’ve anticipated for over a year, and took considerable pains to watch.

Just in case you're interested, which you probably aren't, here are my comments. And yes, they contain spoilers for book and movie. )
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This is looking very bad.

I've been watching rottentomatoes ever since the film was released and the reviews aren't enthusiastic, to put it mildly. I'll watch it anyway, but I'm beginning to prepare for a disaster.

I'm not going to bore my f-list with my lengthy ramble about a film I haven't seen yet and they may not even be interested in, but in the unlikely event that someone wants to read it, it's here. Rambling makes me feel slightly better. Not much, though. )
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OK, now I’m straying from my established pattern of only storing my (Holmes/Watson) fiction over here… But I’m really excited, and have been for a few months (but it’s getting worse), because one of my all-time favourite books has been made into a film and is going to be released on March 3rd. Over here, that is, meaning somewhat earlier in the US.

It’s a Roman epic set in Britain and the film is just called “The Eagle”, but is based on a 1950s novel called “The Eagle of the Ninth” by Rosemary Sutcliff. The novel was originally intended for younger audiences, and I must have read it ten to fifteen times in my teen years, because it contained everything my romantic teenage girl’s heart desired: Lovable heroes, adventure, drama, an interesting historic background, a politically correct message, vivid descriptions of wild and romantic landscapes, and generally a beautiful narrative style. All in PG. :)

Oh yes, there’s a bit of romance too, but only on the side. The main relationship is one between two young men (which didn't bother me even back then ;) ), and judging from the trailer they’ve changed that significantly in the film. I’m reserving my judgment for later; I just hope they haven’t f*cked it up messed too much with it. Please, no.
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