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Fandom: The Hobbit (no hobbits in this one, though)

Pairings: Thorin/Dwalin; Dís/Canonical husband; Dwalin & Dís’ canonical husband (friendship)

Rating and warnings: PG-13. Minor character death.

Summary: One day during their long years of exile in the Ered Luin, Thorin and Dwalin are surprised by a thunderstorm while travelling on a perilous mountain path. They receive unexpected aid – but not all things are as they seem, and Dwalin is forced to face more than one terrifying truth.

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I’ve been taking a bit of a break from fandom lately, and hereby apologize for the lack of comments on fics and blog entries during the last few months. Life’s been a bit too busy to manage it all (though not in a bad way). But the next weeks should be a bit quieter. I hope.

Anyway, after somehow finishing a borderline insane work schedule we actually managed to take a holiday and visit Mr. M’s family and my own parents, which was lovely because we don’t get to see them often. I even avoided any major rows with my mother-in-law, of which I am rather proud. We tend to drive each other up the wall because we come from very different backgrounds… and some people have trouble accepting that others might have different views on life, particularly that I’m not going to put my fancy degree in a frame (“what do you need that for, dear”) and become a full-time mother, as my children deserve. But, as long as we’re not constantly around each other, I suppose we’re both becoming more tolerant.
- Sorry. Getting a bit carried away.

It was wonderful to see the Sea again. I grew up at the coast, and even though it’s lovely here in the South, I still miss the endless sky and the green meadows, the salty wind and the cry of the gulls and the constant rhythm of the tide and how people talk like I do, with some consonants softer than they ought to be and a strange twist to the vowels. I don't do that so much any more but people around here always know me for a Northerner in exile.

Returning to fannish topics, I read Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and found it amazing. Then I proceeded to watch the film (don’t look at me like that, ladies, it was not primarily because of Benedict Cumberbatch – although he was bloody gorgeous in this) and found it enjoyable, though not amazing. Apart from several minor issues I found the tragedy at the heart of the plot not nearly as heartbreaking as it was in the book.

Anyway, if someone could provide me with some fanfic recs for this, preferably stories that go beyond the “ooohh, some pretty boys, let’s slash them”, I’d be really grateful.

Hope everybody is having a good time, and I’ll try to be around more regularly!
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I promise I’ll be back to Holmes with my next post, but now I’ve started this, I’m at least going to say a few words about the film I’ve anticipated for over a year, and took considerable pains to watch.

Just in case you're interested, which you probably aren't, here are my comments. And yes, they contain spoilers for book and movie. )
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This is looking very bad.

I've been watching rottentomatoes ever since the film was released and the reviews aren't enthusiastic, to put it mildly. I'll watch it anyway, but I'm beginning to prepare for a disaster.

I'm not going to bore my f-list with my lengthy ramble about a film I haven't seen yet and they may not even be interested in, but in the unlikely event that someone wants to read it, it's here. Rambling makes me feel slightly better. Not much, though. )
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OK, now I’m straying from my established pattern of only storing my (Holmes/Watson) fiction over here… But I’m really excited, and have been for a few months (but it’s getting worse), because one of my all-time favourite books has been made into a film and is going to be released on March 3rd. Over here, that is, meaning somewhat earlier in the US.

It’s a Roman epic set in Britain and the film is just called “The Eagle”, but is based on a 1950s novel called “The Eagle of the Ninth” by Rosemary Sutcliff. The novel was originally intended for younger audiences, and I must have read it ten to fifteen times in my teen years, because it contained everything my romantic teenage girl’s heart desired: Lovable heroes, adventure, drama, an interesting historic background, a politically correct message, vivid descriptions of wild and romantic landscapes, and generally a beautiful narrative style. All in PG. :)

Oh yes, there’s a bit of romance too, but only on the side. The main relationship is one between two young men (which didn't bother me even back then ;) ), and judging from the trailer they’ve changed that significantly in the film. I’m reserving my judgment for later; I just hope they haven’t f*cked it up messed too much with it. Please, no.


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