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So now I've finally finished the Hobbit WIP I started almost a year ago and it's high time to post it on LJ as well. Technically speaking it dates back to a story I wrote for Halloween '13, so it's been working in my brain for some time. It may not be overly long but I've never written such a multi-chapter fic before and it feels really strange to let it go. Also, I wouldn't have managed at all without the betaing and advice from [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach - you're invaluable!

So here it is:

Dust of Snow

... complete with a Russian translation that makes me very happy.

This is basically a "for want of a nail"-AU of the Hobbit (or at least the ending), told from Dwalin's POV and logically following the events of "Promises to Keep" and "To Yield with a Grace", although knowledge of those is not mandatory. Contains Dwalin/Thorin established relationship, though the various platonic relations are important as well.

My muse is feeling highly accomplished and currently backpacking in Scandinavia. *glares at [ profile] acd_holmesfest fic, once again stuck in the mud although it's not even long*

Speaking of Scandinavia, I'm afraid I have to blame [ profile] tweedisgood for getting me even vaguely interested in Vikings. I haven't followed it regularly - the level of violence is somewhat above my usual comfort zone - but enough to get invested in certain characters. Damn.
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Just a thousand words, she said. Just a short one-shot, she said.

*gazes at 5000 words of plotty soul-searching/adventure story that's nowhere near finished*

This is getting a bit out of hand.
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Right. I’ll give this a try. *Glares at self for being highly unwise and unable to resist*

It’s only a thousand words minimum, I’ve always been bad at saying no to fic exchanges, and I really liked the past two X-Men movies. So… there’s the Secret Mutant fic exchange. (This means I’ll be writing in three fandoms simultaneously. I’ve officially gone mental.)

[ profile] mrs_sweetpeach: you’re in no way at all obligated to beta this madness. I’m sending too much work your way as it is, with the holmesfest story and the remaining chapters of “Dust of Snow”, and I feel rather guilty about introducing another new fandom. So unless you volunteer very enthusiastically, I’ll keep this off your back. :)

I doubt it'll be more than a single short one-shot, anyway.
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It's a good sign, right, when you start obsessing over background details you won't even be able to incorporate into your story?

In other words, my acd_holmesfest fic is picking up speed. About time, too.


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