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Dear Secret Mutant,

thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me, and for taking the trouble to read my letter! I'll elaborate a bit on my prompts, just in case it inspires you; if it doesn't, just take one of the general ideas and let it go your way. The most important thing is that you have fun with this! :)

The letter will be pretty similar to last year's because my tastes haven't changed much.

Here are my prompts:

Charles/Erik, dealing with the aftermath of DoFP. I love the two of them and I love their relationship, but they didn't part on friendly terms in DoFP. I'd really like to read a sequel. What do you think happened afterwards? How do they feel about each other? Do they contact each other at all, and if so, how does it work out?

Charles & Raven, sibling love. Again, I love them and their relationship, complicated and painful as it is. DoFP sort of... sets the stage for them to come to terms with each other, and I'd love to see that happen. Fanworks about them often make one of them the guilty party, and I don’t think that cuts it entirely. I’d like them to explore their (platonic) relationship, to deal with their issues, maybe learn to forgive.
As I wrote in the prompt, it would be heartwarming to see that Raven loves Charles too, because while I think she does, she doesn't show it often.

Raven/Hank: Where to go from here? I know Raven/Hank is not the most popular ship, but that's one more reason why we need more fanworks... So - yeah, what I said. DoFP, especially the Rogue Cut, made clear that there's still unfinished business. I'd like them to come to terms with each other, and I'd like him to grow a spine, dammit.

Ghost story. I love ghost stories. I could read ghost stories all day. Pick any ghost story trope you like, make it as scary as you wish, freeze our blood and make us sleep with the lights turned on. Have fun!

These are just a few ideas; pick what inspires you, disregard the rest. Include other characters to your heart’s desire, only note that I haven’t read the comics, so I won’t get any inside hints beside the most commonly known (like Peter’s parenthood or Charles’ and Erik’s backstories). AUs are wonderful, especially when they get to keep their powers. I like plotty stories, friendship, complicated relationships, hurt/comfort, Moira and Logan, Charles' disability being acknowledged, humour, and heartwarming endings. Any rating.

Also, feel free to combine my prompts! Charles/Erik and Hank/Raven are welcome in any scenario, as are friendship scenes between any characters. (Erik & Hank, there’s a challenge! ;) )

Things that do not make me happy: woobiefied!weak!Charles; unexplained OOC behavior; non-con, Omegaverse, mpreg, heavy kinks (light BDSM during sex scenes is fine), watersports and the like; character bashing; infidelity; major character death; unhappy endings. I’d be grateful if you’d avoid kidfic unless you’re very sure of what you’re doing. (I have kids myself and... I've read too much kidfic that made me hit the back button because it had zero connection to the realities of parenting).

And now I hope you have fun!
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Originally posted by [ profile] hardboiledbaby at You matter.

September 10: World Suicide Prevention Day

Know that you matter. YOU matter. To me, and to everyone else who loves you. It's a longer list than you think.

Know that depression lies. It's a lying liar that lies. Yes, the pain is there, but so is hope. Hope IS real.

Know that there is help. In the USA, call 1-800-273-8255. Outside of the US, click on this link for a list of suicide hotlines by country. Please, don't be afraid to call.

We'll see you tomorrow, okay?

Suicide Prevention Awareness by

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Courtesy of hardboiledbaby, thank you so much for making this!
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So now I've finally finished the Hobbit WIP I started almost a year ago and it's high time to post it on LJ as well. Technically speaking it dates back to a story I wrote for Halloween '13, so it's been working in my brain for some time. It may not be overly long but I've never written such a multi-chapter fic before and it feels really strange to let it go. Also, I wouldn't have managed at all without the betaing and advice from [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach - you're invaluable!

So here it is:

Dust of Snow

... complete with a Russian translation that makes me very happy.

This is basically a "for want of a nail"-AU of the Hobbit (or at least the ending), told from Dwalin's POV and logically following the events of "Promises to Keep" and "To Yield with a Grace", although knowledge of those is not mandatory. Contains Dwalin/Thorin established relationship, though the various platonic relations are important as well.

My muse is feeling highly accomplished and currently backpacking in Scandinavia. *glares at [ profile] acd_holmesfest fic, once again stuck in the mud although it's not even long*

Speaking of Scandinavia, I'm afraid I have to blame [ profile] tweedisgood for getting me even vaguely interested in Vikings. I haven't followed it regularly - the level of violence is somewhat above my usual comfort zone - but enough to get invested in certain characters. Damn.
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Before I am drowning completely in the hysteria that has taken hold of the Hobbit fandom, I still need to post my X-Men fic. So here it is:

Title: An Awfully Long Time
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Raven Darkholme/Hank McCoy, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnherr. Featuring all of the above, Raven's POV.

Summary: "Forget them, Wendy. Forget them all. Come with me where you'll never, never have to worry about grown up things again." - "Never is an awfully long time." (J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan)

During her post-DoFP investigations against Trask's henchmen, Mystique discovers an imminent threat to one of the few people she cares deeply about. She returns to the mansion to warn Charles and Hank, but what began as a short and painful visit soon turns into a dangerous adventure.

Written for lexib (on AO3).

Here we go!
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... this is so gorgeous and I'm the luckiest fan in the world.

My [ profile] acd_holmesfest gift turned out to be an absolutely perfect illustration (more precisely a comic) to my fic The Strange Case of the Ruby Crucifix, created by the wonderfully talented [ profile] vernets.

I'm over the moon. Intimate and sensual and so, so beautiful. Thanks again!
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Just a thousand words, she said. Just a short one-shot, she said.

*gazes at 5000 words of plotty soul-searching/adventure story that's nowhere near finished*

This is getting a bit out of hand.
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Dear Secret Mutant,

Thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me! I hope it’ll make things easier for you if I elaborate on my prompts, but the most important thing is that you have fun while you create your work, so if you find something too restrictive (except for the explicit dislikes), feel free to stray from that path. :)

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Right. I’ll give this a try. *Glares at self for being highly unwise and unable to resist*

It’s only a thousand words minimum, I’ve always been bad at saying no to fic exchanges, and I really liked the past two X-Men movies. So… there’s the Secret Mutant fic exchange. (This means I’ll be writing in three fandoms simultaneously. I’ve officially gone mental.)

[ profile] mrs_sweetpeach: you’re in no way at all obligated to beta this madness. I’m sending too much work your way as it is, with the holmesfest story and the remaining chapters of “Dust of Snow”, and I feel rather guilty about introducing another new fandom. So unless you volunteer very enthusiastically, I’ll keep this off your back. :)

I doubt it'll be more than a single short one-shot, anyway.
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It's a good sign, right, when you start obsessing over background details you won't even be able to incorporate into your story?

In other words, my acd_holmesfest fic is picking up speed. About time, too.
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My daughter had her first violin lesson today! So far she's really enthusiastic. Let's hope it lasts.
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Here's my modest contribution to [ profile] mistyzeo's 24 hour porn challenge [ profile] come_at_once. 221b drabble, Holmes/Watson, porn as requested. The prompt was "didn't see that one coming".

(Link to original entry)

For [ profile] mistyzeo!

One might have assumed that living with Sherlock Holmes would make me impervious to the element of surprise. I will say in my defense that I was somewhat out of practice after three years of separation, and the day in question had provided its fair share of surprises ever since a certain old book seller decided to grace me with his visit.

Still, I reflected as I found myself flat on my back in the middle of a very familiar living room, I did not see that particular event coming.

“There are,” Sherlock Holmes informed me as he shifted his weight to unfasten my trousers, “unexplored possibilities about you, my dear Watson.”

“That impression is entirely mutual,” I managed, and then ended in a gasp as his long, slender fingers found my private parts and proceeded to work upon the with admirable skill.

No more words were exchanged. Our hands spoke for us as they fumbled and tore at clothing, lips and teeth as we kissed deeply and passionately, and our entire bodies when they were finally laid bare, his erection wedged between my thighs and my hands clutching the curve of his bottom as we came to completion almost as one.

Surprises were vastly underrated, I mused as I held him afterwards, at least when they work to one’s benefit.
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This was without question the most absurd game of football I've ever watched. At some point we more or less stopped cheering and started gaping stupidly at the screen. What the hell was wrong with the Brazilian team, did they just vaporize under the pressure? As much as I'd like to believe Germany was simply that brilliant - that wasn't even half of it.

Right. Now let's see what happens on Sunday.
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Today I had the pleasure of listening to one of the most brilliant talks I have ever heard (and I've heard many). I attended a small conference about storytelling and its significance for social work, which was highly enjoyable in itself and moreso because I went for professional reasons. This particular talk was held by a literature scientist and professional storyteller who specializes in fairy tales. She began by shutting down the laptop which her predecessor had used for drowning us in powerpoint slides, then told us an Irish folk tale like I've never heard anyone tell a story, and proceeded to talk about the nature of fairy tales and the reasons why they fascinate such a broad audience, and always have. I have a few thoughts on that, being a psychologist with a certain (if very critical) interest in Jung, but hers was a new perspective.

I would have liked to occupy that lady for the rest of the afternoon and possibly the evening, but at least I talked to her briefly and received her card, a few literature tips and the invitation to email her and chat about the subject.

So now I'm highly motivated to brush up my knowledge on fairy-tales. And since it would be nice to get to know a few that aren't as widely known around here, I thought my f-list could give me a few recommodatons? Titles, summaries, links to your favourite fairy-tales?
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... because I'm not sure you check your inbox regularly - just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you today. We went for a lengthy walk in the fields and meadows near our home, and I spotted - without actively searching for them - no less than 35 helix pomatia (burgundy snails) snailing along on the roadside. Not sure they were all alive, to be fair, but I gave them your regards nevertheless. :)
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Things I meant to do this afternoon (aside from entertaining the kids):

- grade a huge stack of tests
- prepare for an eight-hour class I have to give on Friday which still needs a lot of research
- sign up for acd_holmesfest
- work on the transcript of "Black Peter" for the listenalong at tweed's.
- write a lenghty email to mrs. sweetpeach, who is once again awesome and betaing one of my stories.

Granted, I may have been a bit over-ambitious.
Things I actually did this afternoon:

- gardening.

Yes, I know it's February. But I've missed this so much.
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Family history can be very enlightening sometimes.

I went through some old photographs with my parents, whom I am currently visiting, and discovered that my small son is the spitting image of my uncle as he looked like sixty-five years ago. We'll have to tell him, especially since he never quite got over the fact that he and his wife remained childless.

Other than that, Christmas was a quiet affair and I appreciated the fact. I hope you're all well and half-way rested!
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Sooo... here's the unusual pairing!genderbend!fic I wrote for the hobbit holiday exchange on tumblr. Turned out better than I hoped.

Fandom: The Hobbit

Title: The Heart that Looks on Gold

Rating and warnings: PG. Mental health issues.

Summary: The future always seemed predictable to Kíli during her carefree youth in the Blue Mountains, when Erebor was no more than a tale and a song, romance was not a matter to worry about, and there was no question that one day Uncle Thorin would be a great and wise king. But life turns out to be not quite as simple.

Pairings: Bofur/fem!Kíli, Fíli & Kíli (sibling relationship), Dwalin & Thorin (friendship, not telling what's happening behind the scenes :) )

A/N: Hobbit Holiday Exchange gift for broadbeam, who asked for anything involving Bofur/(preferably fem!)Kíli. The story evolved a bit further than that.
Betaed as usual by the wonderful [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach. Thank you so much!
Title taken from the second part of the "Misty Mountains" lament, which the dwarves sing when they have retaken Erebor: "The heart is bold that looks on gold." As we all know, it does not quite work that way.

on AO3

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Finally, here's my latest [ profile] acd_holmesfest fic! Written for our lovely mod [ profile] tweedisgood, who enjoys female characters “with agency, complexity and inner lives who are not necessarily (…) sexually involved with either of the main pair”. So do I, and I was happy to oblige.

Title: A Matter of Integrity
Characters/Pairings: Irene Adler/Godfrey Norton happily married couple. Sherlock Holmes/John Watson equally happy, if not married, couple. No Holmes/Adler except in other people’s imagination.
Rating and warnings: G, no warnings
Huge thanks to [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach for betaing and [ profile] thesmallhobbit for britpicking services!
Summary: It is a curious thing when a celebrity whom you’ve never truly met is widely considered your most prominent suitor. Irene Norton sets out in search of some answers, and discovers that sometimes the truth is a delicate matter.

Over here...

On AO3...
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Promises to Keep has been on AO3 for two days, and not only is it very well received for my standards - which isn't saying much, because trust me to pick a minority interest again-, but it's also been translated into Russian (and yes, I was asked for permission first). I can't read a word of it, but I've been told that the translation is a good one. It may be a bit shallow, but I'm ridiculously pleased.
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