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Here's my modest contribution to [ profile] mistyzeo's 24 hour porn challenge [ profile] come_at_once. 221b drabble, Holmes/Watson, porn as requested. The prompt was "didn't see that one coming".

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For [ profile] mistyzeo!

One might have assumed that living with Sherlock Holmes would make me impervious to the element of surprise. I will say in my defense that I was somewhat out of practice after three years of separation, and the day in question had provided its fair share of surprises ever since a certain old book seller decided to grace me with his visit.

Still, I reflected as I found myself flat on my back in the middle of a very familiar living room, I did not see that particular event coming.

“There are,” Sherlock Holmes informed me as he shifted his weight to unfasten my trousers, “unexplored possibilities about you, my dear Watson.”

“That impression is entirely mutual,” I managed, and then ended in a gasp as his long, slender fingers found my private parts and proceeded to work upon the with admirable skill.

No more words were exchanged. Our hands spoke for us as they fumbled and tore at clothing, lips and teeth as we kissed deeply and passionately, and our entire bodies when they were finally laid bare, his erection wedged between my thighs and my hands clutching the curve of his bottom as we came to completion almost as one.

Surprises were vastly underrated, I mused as I held him afterwards, at least when they work to one’s benefit.

Date: 2014-09-03 01:44 am (UTC)
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Oh! Very nice!

Date: 2014-09-03 09:19 am (UTC)
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Thanks! It's a fun challenge - you get a prompt and 24 hours to write something Holmes-related and porny. And a drabble is manageable. :)


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