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It's not like I'm remotely as productive as most of my fellow fans and writers, but since this journal is beginning to look a bit untidy (as, I am afraid to say, most of the things I'm in charge of do sooner or later), it's probably a good idea to collect all my fiction in one post and stick it to the top of the page. So, here goes!

Mainecoon's Fanfiction

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General Information

Not much to say here, except that

a) this journal contains adult stuff and most of the fic has slashy content. If that sort of thing disturbs you, you'd better have fun elsewhere although in that case you probably wouldn't have found me in the first place.

b) friending is fine, though I don't automatically friend back because I do have some personal stuff under the f-lock. I'll probably snoop around your journal, though, and I like to get acquainted if someone's interested.

c) in the unlikely case of podficcers feeling inspired by anything I've written (that hasn't been podficced so far), you have a blanket permission. I love podfic. Just tell me of it so I can squee appropriately.

Otherwise, nice to meet you, and I hope you like my humble virtual home.


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