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Dear Secret Mutant,

Thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me! I hope it’ll make things easier for you if I elaborate on my prompts, but the most important thing is that you have fun while you create your work, so if you find something too restrictive (except for the explicit dislikes), feel free to stray from that path. :)

So… my prompts were the following:

Charles & Raven, sibling love. The heart of the matter is that I love their relationship, complicated and painful as it is, and I’d like them to come to terms with each other. There’s bitterness and guilt on both sides, but DoFP ends on such a hopeful note. Fanworks about them often make one of them the guilty party, and I don’t think that cuts it entirely. I’d like them to explore their (platonic) relationship, to deal with their issues, maybe learn to forgive each other.

(Another thing I’d love to see, if that inspires you, is protective!Raven. Charles always felt responsible for her, but what if the tables are turned? What if there’s a situation that makes her go all “Don’t you hurt my brother, you lil’ sh*te!”, especially if they didn’t get the chance to make up before that?)

Charles/Erik, dealing with the aftermath of DoFP. They didn’t exactly part on friendly terms, after all. How do they feel towards each other? How does Charles deal with the fact that Erik betrayed him again and nearly started a war? Does Erik know he nearly killed Charles with that debris that missed him so narrowly? I really can’t fathom what went on in Erik’s head the entire time, and how they’re going to deal with each other when they next meet.

Raven/Hank: Where to go from here? It was quite obvious in DoFP at least from Hank’s side that he still had feelings for her, and… well, we can’t be sure the other way round. But we already heard that their relationship will be a topic in Apocalypse, so clearly there are still meant to be unresolved issues between them. (There’s a pattern, isn’t there? Basically I want people to resolve all their issues.) And I loved them in XMFC. Poor kids.

Hank: Coming to terms with Beast. He went a long way from the shy kid to the young man in DoFP, and I think he has even more potential to discover. He had huge issues to deal with, both in regard to his mutation and beyond that (*cough*Charles*cough*). How did he manage? And how does his character evolve?

These are just a few ideas; pick what inspires you, disregard the rest. Include other characters to your heart’s desire, only note that I haven’t read the comics, so I won’t get any inside hints beside the most commonly known (like Peter’s parenthood or Charles’ and Erik’s backstories).

Also, feel free to combine these prompts. Charles/Erik and Hank/Raven are welcome in any scenario, as are friendship scenes between any characters. (Erik & Hank, there’s a challenge! ;) )

Things that do not make me happy: woobiefied!weak!Charles; unexplained OOC behavior; non-con, Omegaverse, mpreg, heavy kinks (light BDSM during sex scenes is fine), watersports and similar things; character bashing; infidelity; major character death; unhappy endings. I’d be grateful if you’d avoid kidfic unless you’re very sure of what you’re doing. (I have kids myself and... I've read too much kidfic that made me hit the back button because it had zero connection to the realities of parenting).

And now I hope you have fun! :-)


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