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Finally, here's my latest [ profile] acd_holmesfest fic! Written for our lovely mod [ profile] tweedisgood, who enjoys female characters “with agency, complexity and inner lives who are not necessarily (…) sexually involved with either of the main pair”. So do I, and I was happy to oblige.

Title: A Matter of Integrity
Characters/Pairings: Irene Adler/Godfrey Norton happily married couple. Sherlock Holmes/John Watson equally happy, if not married, couple. No Holmes/Adler except in other people’s imagination.
Rating and warnings: G, no warnings
Huge thanks to [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach for betaing and [ profile] thesmallhobbit for britpicking services!
Summary: It is a curious thing when a celebrity whom you’ve never truly met is widely considered your most prominent suitor. Irene Norton sets out in search of some answers, and discovers that sometimes the truth is a delicate matter.

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Date: 2013-11-14 08:15 am (UTC)
hardboiledbaby: (sherlock grenada)
From: [personal profile] hardboiledbaby
Still perfect :)

In a fest that consistently garners excellent fic, this was one of this round's standouts, IMHO. Brava!

Date: 2013-11-14 05:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Still blushing! :)

You say the nicest things, baby, thank you so much.

(Also, I figured that some woman power was overdue, so I'm glad you think I didn't mess it up!)


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